Christine Petré
Last updated: 4 January, 2014

Iran – tourist hotspot 2014?

According to The Guardian it certainly is. The British newspaper is placing the country as number 11 on its "Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2014"-list, just behind Bordeaux in France and Alberta in Canada.

According to the article there hasn’t been a better opportunity then now to visit the destination, at least not since the 1979 revolution, “November’s historic nuclear agreement means there hasn’t been a better time for westerners to visit Iran since the 1979 revolution.”

Despite that the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising against any Iran travels not deemed essential, countries such as the US and Australia judge most areas safe. The article does point out that the FCO recommends travelling in groups rather than independently. This window of opportunity for the tourism sector has resulted in an increasing supply of travel options with package trips including everything from insurance to guidance on dress codes.

The Danube Express train for example, which is planning to reach Tehran as part of a 15-day-trip in October, that is if you are willing to pay the heavy price tag of £8,695pp. According to The Guardian the demand has been so high for the express journeys that dates for 2015 have already been added.

A trip to Iran should include visiting Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan and Persepolis, at least. So what do you think, a 2014 tourist hotspot?

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