Your Middle East
Last updated: 13 February, 2014

In the Middle East the geeks are women

Women account for 35% of all the tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East, compared to only 10% worldwide, according to the BBC. And a lot of Arab women are studying IT these days.

”I can work with computers anytime and anywhere, anyplace I want,” says Rand Abu Ali, an IT university student in Dubai

It doesn’t really interfere much with the family oriented aspect of women here in the UAE or the Arab world,” adds Sarah Darwish, also an IT student. “Its convenient and there is a lot of opportunity.”

There is a positive trend, where Arab women instead of fighting against discrimination and getting the boring job – even though they are really good, even better than men in their class – are starting their own companies. At least if you are to believe NYU Abu Dhabi professor Sana Odeh.

“Millions of the jobs that will be created will be in IT. So for women to embrace and go natural in this field that means that they will be part of innovation, part of decision making and part of the future in the decision making in the Arab World,” she told BBC.

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