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Last updated: 3 April, 2014

Lebanese entrepreneurs challenge sexual secrecy with new condom brand

You know that romantic moment when you just don’t want any interruptions? Two entrepreneurs, Robert Tabet and Zadi Hobeika are trying to save you from this moment with their company

It was after grasping the culture of shame and secrecy regarding condom sales in Lebanon that the idea was born. “There is a big need in the Lebanese market,” Tabet told The Daily Star Lebanon. “There is a big taboo, and there is a psychological barrier.”

The idea is also to promote sexual health and education. The website has a section where clients can live chat and ask advice about sexual health. “We can offer guidance,” Tabet said. “We want to collaborate with NGOs in the future and play a social role.”

The business took off quickly and the duo is already planning a business expansion including express delivery and condom guides. “We have a lot of ambition,” Hobeika said. “And besides, it’s kind of fun telling people I’m a condom salesman.”