Last updated: 8 April, 2014

Three die as head of Yemen constitution body attacked

Gunmen killed three people in the Yemeni capital on Tuesday in an attack targeting university professor Ismail al-Wazir, who was lightly wounded, a security official said.

Another official had wrongfully identified the man attacked as the head of a constitution-drafting committee who has the same name.

The assailants, who were in two vehicles, opened fire at a convoy carrying Wazir, a sharia Islamic law professor at the University of Sanaa, the security official said.

Medical and security officials said the professor was lightly wounded and his son and two of his bodyguards were killed.

Witnesses said that the attackers fled after the assault.

The attack could have been the result of a tribal feud, common in the Arabian Peninsula country where most people are armed, the official said.