Your Middle East
Last updated: 28 April, 2014

Watch this spectacular street gig by the coolest Istanbul band (VIDEO)

"Light in Babylon" is the unexpected setup of musicians from all over the globe. An Iranian-Israeli singer, a Turkish santoor player and a skilled French guitarist. Let them blow your mind.

Together they create a fusion of ethnicities and culture, producing music meant to spread ideals of peace and understanding across the Middle East.

We often see them collaborating with eclectic musicians from around the world to nurture an open, peaceful and explosive oriental mix. In an interview with Emaho Magazine, the band members expand on what appears to be a rather unusual constellation.

“Each of us brings from their own culture and it is beautiful”

“Between us, we are very happy to be from different cultures, each of us brings from their own culture and it is beautiful. For our audience also it usually also open their heart. Our singer, Michal Elia Kamal, is from Israel with Iranian roots, and we have fans from Israel and Iran and from many countries she cannot even visit as a holder of an Israeli passport, like Lebanon, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, Palestine and more.”

Founded in 2009, the band members still consider Istanbul as their base. “Istanbul is a big centre for music, especially for the Middle East,” they told Emaho Magazine. “You can find a concert every night, from Manouche jazz to Gypsy music, passing though Flamenco, Reggae, Trance, Turkish pop rock, Indian classical music and more… Being part of this cultural hybrid, it makes you lose yourself and find yourself each day over and over again.”