Negar Mortazavi
Last updated: 11 May, 2014

Life goes on in Tehran – with Pharrell’s Happy

Nuclear negotiations with Iran are happening in New York, the U.S. Congress is trying to pressure Tehran, and Iranian hardliners criticize Rouhani in a conference titled "We're Worried”. But in Iran’s capital, life goes on. With a little help from Pharrell.

Three groups of Iranian youth have created fan videos for the famous song “Happy” by American rapper Pharrell Williams.

First there was a group of six, three girls and three boys, who filmed on their rooftop featuring Tehran’s famous Milad tower. The video (see above) was directed by Reihane Taravati and published with a note saying, “People of Tehran are happy! Watch and share our happiness! Let the world hear us!”

The video was widely watched and shared on social networks and currently has nearly 170,000 views on YouTube. But some Iranian users criticized the video for being filmed at a private home/rooftop, and thus not featuring much of Tehran’s actual city life.

Then came two other videos showcasing more of Tehran’s local charm:

We are from Tehran with love: Happy city, lovely people…

And finally this one directed by Ehsan Azimi with an idea by Hooman Khalatbari.