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Last updated: 21 May, 2014

New magazine for a new generation of Syrian women

An independent Syrian magazine is addressing the struggle of women for justice and equality, aiming to increase female participation in the country’s future.

“We want Syrian women to play their full role…not in a formal way as the regime used to do, or as the opposition does in many of its structures today, but effectively and with ability to influence and change, to advance to our desired Syria, a Syria for all,” says Yasmine Merei, Managing Editor of Saiedet Souria.

In addition to helping Syrian women expressing themselves in order to be present in the political, social and economic scenes, promoting a culture of pluralism is one of the new magazine’s main aims.

“(We want to) spread whatever we can to boost the concept of religious tolerance”

“(We want to) spread whatever we can to boost the concept of religious tolerance, which Syrian society was known for,” Merei notes.

Saiedet Souria was established in October last year and is now produced by a team of 18 members, operating from Gaziantep, Turkey. It is distributed in many of the liberated areas of Syria, in the town of Daraa, and in Turkey.

“We have opinion articles, political, legal, social and translated ones, in addition to reports about women inside Syria and within the camps.“

The magazine’s name, which roughly means Every woman in Syria, came from the thought that “every woman in Syria is a lady of Syria.”

“This includes the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of the martyrs, the displaced women, and the female Syrian activists. We want to break the taboo of ladies in Syria.”