Christine Petré
Last updated: 12 June, 2014

From Libya with love, #MyLibya (PHOTOS)

#MyLibya, created by freelance journalist Khadija Ali, quickly gained traction earlier this week, resulting in a stream of photos, memories and encouraging words. They all had one thing in common, the affection for their beloved country.

On Monday morning Twitter user @KhadijaMAli was fed up with all the negative news about her country and tweeted: 

“Since there is so much negativity and pessimism about the situation in Libya, I think it’s about time we start a new hashtag #MyLibya”

The hashtag quickly became popular and united people on the social media site who shared the best of their country at a time when the nation needs it the most. 

The Twitter success made Khadija take the initiative to Facebook arguing in a tweet, “Facebook probably needs #MyLibya as much as twitter does so here it is! Invite your friends & get them to post…”

Here are some of the comments and photos shared on Twitter…

Gezlan Sahad @LibyanDuda Children playing Ghadafura Green Mountains #MyLibya

Hend ‏@LibyaLiberty
I want to tell #MyLibya that your heart is stronger than the hate,your courage greater than the fear,& a future brighter than the past.

Ayah Sasi‏ @Dernaweeya “Mathrooda” a traditional dish from #Derna with a side of seasonal fruits from my grandfathers garden #MyLibya:

Mary Fitzgerald ‏@MaryFitzger
Inspiring. Infuriating. Often at the same time. #MyLibya (fuelled by the fab coffee you find on every street corner)

Adrian Hong‏ @adrianhong From #Gharyan, just after the liberation of #Tripoli. #MyLibya:

Sُulaima Madi ‏@suolima_madi
#MyLibya in the fight against terrorism

Ghada ‏@crystalclear80  #MyLibya our future:

Emad Dlala ‏@EmadDlala
#MyLibya hashtag returns some lost hope. Thank you all

Jazia Benomran ‏@JaziaB  In the end, this is what we all want #MyLibya:

…and Muhanned Kalashnikov posted on Facebook: 

#‎MyLibya is beautiful #MyLibya is Free 
#MyLibya is prosperous #MyLibya is me
#MyLibya is love #MyLibya is style
#MyLibya is amazing with every mile