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Last updated: 15 September, 2014

You will not believe this pioneering Iranian architectural design (SEE PHOTOS)

Ever dreamt of having a room that can rotate? (Probably not). What simply sounds like an architect’s wet dream has become reality, as unbelievable as it might sound the 4-floor Sharifi-ha House in the Iranian capital of Tehran allows each room to rotate up to 90 degrees.

The pioneering design comes from architectural studio Next Office and was completed in 2013. Depending on your mood, weather conditions or perhaps necessity of privacy you can rotate your box-like room up to 90 degrees. 


“In summertime, Sharifi-ha House offers an open/transparent/perforated volume with wide, large terraces. In contrast, during Tehran’s cold, snowy winters the volume closes down, offering minimal openings and a total absence of those wide summer terraces,” the designers told Slate.


The revolutionary design is actually inspired by old Iranian mansion designs, where there were rooms for different climate zones, for example summer and winter living rooms. Modern technique has, however, taken the concept one step further by allowing a single room to adapt to different weather conditions with one simple press of a button.