Last updated: 28 September, 2014

Jordan says it is safe despite role in anti-IS coalition

Jordan, which has joined a US-led coalition waging air strikes on the Islamic State group, said Sunday it has secured the country's borders against "any threat".

The government’s statement follows warnings from analysts that Jordan was taking a risk by joining the US-led coalition.

“The government and the armed forces, as well as security forces, are monitoring closely the situation in several neighbouring countries,” it said.

“Precautionary measures have been taken to control the borders and protect Jordan against any threat,” it said, quoted by state news agency Petra.

Interior Minister Hussein al-Majali, briefing the cabinet, said security in the kingdom and at its borders was “good and stable. There is no real direct threat for Jordan.”

Jordan borders both Syria and Iraq, where the US-led coalition is carrying out air strikes on the Islamic State group.

The IS has called on its supporters to carry out attacks against coalition partners, prompting concerns that Jordan, which is grappling with its own home-grown Islamists, could be targeted.