Your Middle East
Last updated: 9 October, 2014

10-year-old camel joins Google with a unique set of skills (WATCH THIS)

Google’s Street View cameras have taken on a new challenge: the Arabian desert. From the back of Raffia the camel you can now get an intimate view of the remote landscape.

Google gives you unique access to the United Arab Emirates desert landscape by putting a Trekker camera on a camel and set it off into the desert region. “Using camels for the collection allowed us to collect authentic imagery and minimize our disruption of this fragile environment,” explained Google’s Najeeb Jarrar. Raffia is thereby the first animal in service for the multi-billion company.

The initiative is part of an ambition to expand the Street View project and explore less discovered spots of the world. “We hope this collection gives you a glimpse of what it may be like to travel the desert as caravan merchants have for the past 3000 years,” said Jarrar.