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Last updated: 27 October, 2014

Best photos from Tunisia’s historic election

"Whoever comes out top, Nidaa or Ennahda, the main thing is that Tunisia needs a government of national unity, a political consensus," says Ennahda's head Rachid Ghannouchi. That's the spirit! Check out these photos, some fine moments of Tunisian history.

Election officials were praised for their planning and execution. Just look at this clean-cut poster:


They even set up happy voting rooms:


The military was present. And helpful:


Although he was just filling in for her, Ms. Rym Khadhraoui:

4. Rym Khadhraoui is one of many election observers kopia.jpg

More informative cartoons:


The provisional voter turnout was about 61.8 percent:


And the first truly free elections in Tunisian history are done and over with – peacefully!


A cause for celebration, of course:


…never forget: honking that horn is a must, no election without it:


Photos by: Alexandra Wicksell and Christine Petré