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Last updated: 4 November, 2014

This female entrepreneur defies Libyan conflict

While many Libyans are leaving the conflict-ridden country one young female entrepreneur returned, determined to materialise a business idea.

When Amira Izruna came back to Libya she realised that many photo companies were outdated so she seized the opportunity and decided to modernise the Libyan event photography business.

The company, “Amira Made”, is only a few months old but is already thriving, “I’m now fully booked for both October and December. I only have 2 spots left for November so please make sure to get in touch…” the young entrepreneur announced on her blog in the end of September, adding, “I’m so happy I started this job.”


Your Middle East asked whether she feels like there is an entrepreneurial buzz in Tripoli, despite the ongoing turmoil. “There are so many entrepreneurs in Tripoli, but yes many have put their goals on hold as the country keeps taking a turn,” Amira explains. “If we don’t see some stability soon and this situation continues, most people will either have to start the business ideas through the fighting or give up on their plans.”

Nonetheless, at a time when many Libyans and international staff have been forced to evacuate from the capital, Amira stays strong and wants to focus her energy on the positives. “Part of me knew I was going to have to accept these problems and try to overcome them. But I never felt any real danger once I had moved,” she told BarakaBits. “So many of my clients chose to keep living normally and celebrating their weddings, parties and engagements, so why could I not do the same?”


All photos by Amira Izruna, visit her blog Amira Made here.