Last updated: 6 November, 2014

Libya parliament rejects supreme court decision to nullify it

Libya's internationally recognised parliament on Thursday rejected a supreme court decision to nullify it, saying the ruling was taken "under the threat of arms".

“The House of Representatives rejects the verdict under these conditions and says it is still functioning, as is the government” elected on June 25, an official statement broadcast live on Libya Awalan television said.

It charged that the ruling announced earlier on Thursday by the Tripoli-based supreme court was taken “under the threat of arms” because the capital is “ruled by outlawed militias”.

The statement was read out by lawmaker Adam Abu Sakhra.

The supreme court’s ruling cannot be appealed and also nullified a constitutional amendment that led to elections on June 25, thereby invalidating the polls and all decisions that resulted from them.

But the parliament, in its statement, stressed that it was elected by the people in “free and credible” polls.