Last updated: 9 December, 2014

Bomb kills one in Bahrain Shiite village

Two people, including a Jordanian policeman, were killed in bomb blasts in Shiite villages of Bahrain, the scene of simmering unrest since anti-government protests were crushed in 2011, officials said Tuesday.

An explosion in Karzakan on Tuesday killed a Bahraini and slightly wounded an Asian national, the interior ministry said, describing it as a “terrorist” attack.

Witnesses said the bomb was planted on a corner of the road under a tree.

Late on Monday, a separate attack in Damistan, a nearby Shiite village, killed a policeman, the authorities said.

Police chief Major General Tariq al-Hassan named the victim as Ali Mohamed Ali, a Jordanian, saying the “homemade device was detonated remotely.”

The policeman was working in the Gulf kingdom under “a security and training exchange agreement between Bahrain and Jordan”, he said.

It was the first deadly attack on security forces since parliamentary polls in November boycotted by the main Shiite opposition group, which is calling for democratic reforms in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.

The election was the first in the Gulf state since authorities quelled the 2011 protests.

Bahrain, home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, remains deeply divided three years after the month-long demonstrations.

Protests still frequently break out in Bahrain’s Shiite villages, sometimes sparking clashes with police.

The main opposition Al-Wefaq movement quickly distanced itself from the Damistan attack, stressing its “rejection” of violence.

Attacks on the security forces have increased this year, with three policemen — including an Emirati — killed in a bombing in a Shiite area on March 3.

Another policeman was killed in a bomb blast in a Shiite village in February during protests marking the third anniversary of the failed uprising.