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Last updated: 12 December, 2014

WATCH: World famous writer meets with inspiring young Syrian refugees

Khaled Hosseini, himself a former refugee from Afghanistan, has sold more than 40 million books worldwide, the most famous of which is The Kite Runner. In this clip, we follow Hosseini during his trip to a refugee camp in northern Iraq, where he unexpectedly finds both beauty and hope.

While sitting on top of a hill overlooking the refugee camp, Hosseini realises something critical about human life.

“It was just, I have to say, a really beautiful scene. It was just about people who were just going on with their lives despite all the losses that they’ve suffered. People that have a human drive to continue life and to pursue happiness however small it may be,” he says, and continues: “That’s such a weird thing about life, that such kinda feelings of beauty and moments of grace can come out of tragedy and enormous suffereing.”

Before he sat on that hill, however, Hosseini had met with two young women in the camp. One is an aspiring writer, the other head of a professional beauty salon in the camp. These are their inspiring stories.