Last updated: 15 January, 2015

Arab League to push for new Palestinian UN resolution

The Arab League said on Thursday it will seek to shore up international support for another attempt to obtain a UN resolution on ending Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.

The decision at a gathering of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo came after Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas asked them for another chance following the UN Security Council’s rejection of his last bid in December.

Those at the meeting gave several Arab countries the task of undertaking “the necessary communications and consultations to submit a new Arab proposal to the Security Council,” a statement said.

After last month’s failed UN bid, the Palestinians were granted a request to join the International Criminal Court, in a move paving the way for them to pursue Israeli leaders for alleged war crimes.

In response, Israel froze the transfer of 106 million euros (about $126 million) in taxes collected on behalf of the Palestinians, and threatened legal countermeasures against the Palestinian leadership.

An Arab-backed resolution on ending the Israeli occupation by the end of 2017 was rejected at the Security Council on December 30, with the United States and non-permanent member Australia voting against it.

China, France and Russia were among eight countries that backed the resolution, just one vote short of the nine required for adoption.

Five countries seen as having a more pro-Palestinian stance began their term at the Security Council this month — Angola, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain and Venezuela.