Your Middle East
Last updated: 7 May, 2015

Watch this video, The Color of Injustice, and see the human side of the war in Yemen

Rooj Alwazir, co-founder of #SupportYemen media collective, recently shared this powerful video on her Facebook page. See Rooj's personal reflection below.

“Check out our latest video that has been produced under very difficult circumstances – my friends live under airstrikes and are forced to live with long electricity blackouts in Yemen and now the ministry is warning of loss of internet access.

This war has left hundreds dead and thousands injured besides hundreds of thousands of displaced persons as well as stranded Yemenis abroad in addition to the lack of basic services and resources that were already very little before the war. Most importantly, Yemenis are losing hope in the possibilities of civil peace and social justice as they are surrounded by the color of injustice that only gets darker and darker each day.

The Color of Injustice is a title inspired by a poem by the famous late Yemeni poet Luti Jaafar Aman whose voice in a rare recording we found has given this video a soul and made this experience unique. Through strong visuals and images of the war in Yemen, this video tries to tell the human side of the war that Yemenis are living under.”