Your Middle East
Last updated: 8 July, 2015

Habibi Funk: Listen to the 3rd edition of our favorite mix tape of Arab songs from the 60s/70s

When we published Habibi Funk-playlists earlier this spring, readers went bananas. And now it's time for another round. A man called Jannis, of the German label Jakarta Records, has collected these awesome tunes for you to enjoy.

Here’s a short note from Jannis himself: “Earlier this month I was in North Africa for another digging trip and ended up finding quite some records I didn’t know before or I had no copy of so I felt it was time for another mix. After every mix I make I feel like, ‘Uhh, getting enough records I like for the next one will be tough’. But every time I end up getting proven wrong by the rich musical heritage of Arabic musicians that worked on combining local influences with western musical traditions. Just like Dalton, the Tunisian band we just re-released on our new Habibi Funk label, who are also prominently featured on this mix.

Apart from the Dalton re-release that you can hear on our soundcloud we are working on rereleasing Fadoul’s music, Morocco’s answer to James Brown, who was also featured on the first two mixes. The artist himself passed in the early 90s but thru a countless number of leads we luckily ended up finding his family in Morocco, one of the highlights of my last trip but more from this later.

For now please enjoy the new mix featuring music from Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon.”

Here’s part 1 & 2 of the mixtape (part 3 embedded above):