Natheer Halawani
Last updated: 16 July, 2015

Powerful photos of human dignity and unity during Ramadan in Tripoli

Lebanese photographer Natheer Halawani shares his favourite Ramadan photos from the past few years – all taken in the city of Tripoli. Feel the love.

A curious child busy exploring the tiny world at his feet instead of performing prayer as advised – most probably by his father or whoever brought him to the mosque – during a mass prayer known as ‪Taraweeh‬, performed every Ramadan eve after the last of the 5 main daily prayers. Taken in Ash Shukr Mosque.
Muslims listen to the Quran reader at the mosque, prior to or after major prayer. Taken in Ash Shukr Mosque. 
Muslim elder resting after a lengthy Taraweeh prayer, the Ramadan-exclusive prayer that could extend to an hour or two in some cases. Taken in Ash Shukr Mosque.
The Minarets of a newly-built mosque in Tripoli. Taken in Mina.
Vivdly colorful ornamets are one of the most eye-catching Ramadan attractions, with warm lights and Islamic symbols. Taken in Mina.
Adult males wrapping yet another fasting day in the coziness of a local, yet very famous, roadside coffee shop playing cards and smoking shisha/arguileh. Shot in Mina, Roumiyyeh Cafe.
D7K_2682 (2).jpg
The inside a traditional Ka’ak and bread bakery in the old alleys of the town during the month of ‪Ramadan‬. Musims find pleasure having Ka’ak filled with cheese and grilled by the bakery’s wood-lit over over Suhoor, the act of eating a snack before sunrise when fasting begins. Taken in Bab Al Ramel.
Child praying by himself behind adult males in a mosque. Taken in Tawjeeh Street.
Women performing Eid prayer.

Elderly man with the help of a younger male removing the post-Taraweeh praying mats that were spread out in the street. The local mosque was not able to accommodate any more worshipers. Taken in Mina.
Shot taken from the roof of a 13-story building during the mass iftar held at the Groupy Roundabout in Mina. Attendants of both religions insisted on lighting candles in shapes of a cross and a crescent, in an unplanned move by the organizers. This turned into an attraction through the night. Taken in Mina.
Worshiper performing Isha’ prayer behind an Imam in one of Tripoli’s biggest mosques.
The Grand mosque, known as one of the town’s pillars and most renowned landmarks. The mosque’s court looking empty as worshipers are inside busy performing their night prayers.
Preparations underway for final celebrations during Eid. Woman passing the graveyard in Tripoli.
The all-time-famous Saha w Hana iftar, the Mass Iftar event that closed down the main roundabout in town, the one that happens to be the city’s south entrance, for a very good cause. The iftar managed to bring together a lot of people, whether muslims or not, for an event that provided iftar for orphans and poor individuals and families from all over town.
D7K_4826-001 kopia.jpg
Another mass iftar held by a bunch of activists and well-doers in town. The iftar gathered people from both religions to share iftar on the same table in a one-of-a-kind event where everybody contributed. Mosques and Churches announced Maghrib prayer, the time to break the fast, in an out of this world audio-visual scenery.