Your Middle East
Last updated: 1 December, 2015

These Middle Eastern cities are among the best in the world if you’re starting a new business

The Middle East is represented in a new ranking of the top 10 cities to launch a startup.

Cairo and Tunis. That’s right. Despite political turmoil, these North African hubs are now building a substantial base of young entrepreneurs. Forbes has published a ranking by The Brighton School of Business and Management, highlighting the 10 best places on the globe to start your own venture. Here’s why Cairo and Tunis are on the list:


“The mass of young, educated and enlightened graduates in Egypt are now turning out an array of startups. Despite challenges, entrepreneurs are figuring out new ways: they are exploiting the birth of many new accelerators and crowdfunding campaigns. Among them, some are already gaining some traction such as accelerator Flat 6 Labs. They founded Instabug, an in-app feedback for mobile apps.

Cairo is also home to some of the best engineering talent in MENA, and that has to do with the quality of universities they have there.

*Seedstars Cairo to happen on the 13th of December.”



“Tunis is still a very young ecosystem where finance, coaching & mentoring is just beginning. The Arab spring was a turning point for the entrepreneurial mindset of the population: the focus shifted towards civic entrepreneurship. Here, startups often use and create tech products to mobilize communities, often engaging them in political discussions and working for a collective good. In order to better support the local growing ecosystem, policy makers are implementing new strategies and programs to boost incubators, accelerators, and education program. One of these programs is the Regional Development General Commission’s Integrated Development Program, which aims to collect feedback from local actors and beneficiaries on priority projects, target locations, and best options moving forward.

*Tunisia’s most pioneering startup is Tunisia Live, an English-language news portal set up to transmit live images and report breaking news during the Arab Spring.”


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