Abdalhadi Alijla
Last updated: 14 January, 2016

“The premier’s actions are loudly echoing his disinterest in peace”

Palestinian scholar Abdalhadi Alijla wants Netanyahu to be held accountable 'for spreading hatred in Israel'.

Present incidents in Israel-Palestine illustrate the death of the Oslo Accords and a peace process that has proven to be useless for both sides. Accordingly, the world must rethink its approach as fast as possible in order to halt the upcoming series of suicide bombings in Tel Aviv, and the collapse of the Palestinian Authority. 

Peace is now a discredited notion, it has no meaning.  Since 1993, this word has ensured neither peace nor security. After all these years, more land confiscation, more arrests, more killing, demolitions, cold blood executions, continuous siege on the Gaza Strip, and the daily apartheid practices in the West Bank, accompanied with inequality for the native people of Palestine who have Israeli citizenship, has not stopped. 

Since Netanyahu came to power in 1996, peace became a nauseating word.  The Roman historian Tacitus says of the Roman conquest of Britain that “the Roman army created a desolation, and called it peace”. The same is happening to the Palestinians, Arabs, Europeans, Americans, and the Israelis. Peace and Peace Process, interchangeably, are in desolation. 

On Christmas Day, as the world was celebrating the birth of Jesus, Israel executed five Palestinian teenagers, just a few kilometres away from Jesus’ place of birth, Bethlehem. Since October 2015, Israel has executed more than 150 Palestinians; many killings were captured live on cameras. And just recently, an Israeli wedding expressed how radical Israeli society has truly become. A video shows a group of Israeli wedding-goers celebrating the death of a Palestinian toddler. The toddler was burned alive by a group of Jewish extremists called “Price Tag”. Moreover, Israel has arrested over 800 Palestinians in the last two months. 

The current reality in the occupied Palestine reflects the Israeli acts to implant hatred and racism among its citizens, which in turn increases frustration and hopelessness. The failure of the peace process, accompanied by the Israeli policies, will lead to the collapse of the Palestinian Authority and its security apparatus in the West Bank. The Palestinians have no trust in Fatah, Hamas, and the PA in general.


The main suicide bomber lives and works in Israel.  His job is the prime minister of Israel, exerting his effort in de-legitimizing Israel, and empowering radicals and extremists not only in Israel, but also across the region. 

The Israeli government is responsible for any suicide bomber who may trigger his explosion belt in Tel Aviv. Last week’s incident in Tel Aviv prove that Netanyahu and his government are radicalizing the society and implanting hatred through their arrogant policies. The current level of oppression, deadlock in peace, severe injustice, and frustration among the Palestinians will destabilize the whole situation. Consequently, there will be no hope for a solution. Appropriating the Palestinian non-violent struggle will only result in more violent acts.

The world seems to have almost completely forgotten the Palestinian malaise and the Israeli occupation. The consequences of this no-peace, no-war strategy, will force the Palestinians to move a step backward, and do what attracts the world attention. Suicide bombings may be officially abandoned; yet, they are still a tool in the hands of the Palestinian resistance. An attack could easily trigger the madness of the Israeli government, which would then allow its troops to occupy the West Bank and/or launch a new aggression on Gaza. 

A foreseeable result is the collapse of the Palestinian Authority and weakening of the government in the Gaza Strip, led by Hamas. The only alternative would be a catastrophic one: more radicalization and extremism, and eventually a fertile land for ISIS-linked factions. 

Obviously, that will turn back the clock to pre-Oslo time, where Israel fully occupies the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. The international community, however, will not accept a continuous military occupation, and at least a significant part of the Israeli society will not bear the price of its army’s madness. 

The alternative is keeping the status quo, which in return means increasing the number of radicals and extremists.  Either way, Netanyahu is playing with a huge bomb in his hands that could harm the entire region. 

Netanyahu and his government must be held accountable and stopped from fuelling hatred in Israel. The premier’s actions are loudly echoing his disinterest in peace. Thus, it is of utmost importance to concentrate our efforts on combating Netanyahu and his extremist government. In practice that translates into increasing international pressure on Israel through mass non-violent demonstrations, boycott of Israeli products, sanctions, and confronting Israeli apartheid in international trials of Israeli leaders.

Unfortunately, the real suicide bomber is Netanyahu himself, and at the moment he seems unstoppable.

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