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Last updated: 18 March, 2016

“Calligraffiti” master astonishes with remake of marginalized Cairo neighborhood

Renowned Tunisian artist El Seed explains 'Perception', his latest groundbreaking urban art initiative.

“The garbage people”. That derogatory term has been frequently used for the Zaraeeb community in Cairo. They live in the area known as Manshiyat Nasr and have become famous for managing the capital’s garbage. El Seed now wants to challenge perceptions and stereotypes about the Zaraeeb. In a post on Facebook, the Tunisian artist writes: “They don’t live in the garbage but from the garbage; and not their garbage, but the garbage of the whole city. They are the one who clean the city of Cairo.”

Photos have been released of his remarkable art piece, which covers some 50 buildings. Here’s a full statement from the artist himself:

In my new project Perception I am questioning the level of judgment and misconception society can unconsciously have…

Posted by eL Seed on Tuesday, 15 March 2016



All photos credited to El Seed